Roll out a first submetering system and begin your data-gathering campaign. Discover energy use plan your next steps along the energy efficiency path.


Plenty of charts and dataviz tools to allow for in-depth analisys of your energy trends. No more manual calculation and big-data headaches.


Found out energy efficiency action? Go and talk money to the CFO with real-data in hand.

Fire up the Energy IoT

We provide you a wide range of solutions to get energy data out of buildings and plants. Need a wireless or wired sensor infrastructure? Or just a smart tool to query and represent your data?

From bare metal to the cloud. Cost-effectively.

Install our sensors or integrate your existing ones. We can assist you in deploying an overall energy monitoring system from on-field installation to the analytics dashboards to plan and manage your energy efficiency actions.

And yes, it runs everywhere. As you'd expect.

Look at your dashboards, drill-down to single consumptions, get notified about changes in consumption patterns or print out statistical reports on energy use trends. Do it wherever you are and from whatever device you're on.